Drewcifer's E3 2014 Predictions (in written format)

You know what time it is, predictions time!!  I've spoken these at various places throughout the internet, but I suppose I should write them down for posterity as well.  Here ya go!



  • A Crackdown sequel vertical slice.  I think it's time for Crackdown to redeem itself after Crackdown 2!  With the insane popularity of open world games, as well as games that seamlessly integrate multiplayer, this franchise fits PERFECTLY into this generation.
  • A trailer for the Ridley Scott Halo miniseries.  I think Microsoft is going full-HALO Hype Train this year.  They need to move units and this is THE franchise that moves em.  I think it's still a little too early to put up anything from the already-announced Speilberg Halo TV Series that's in the works, so this project would be a good one to tack onto the back of whatever Halo announcements they have in store.
  • Gears of War.  So duh, right?  A Gears game is in the works, so it would make sense to talk about it.  However, I don't think it's in a place that a trailer or teaser would be available.  So what do they say?  I think a title is going to come out, but to make things interesting, I think they announce a planned beta for next Spring.  Maybe if you buy Crackdown this year, you get into the Gears beta?  Hey, it worked for Halo 3!
  • Speaking of Halo, as one tends to do when referring to the Xbox, I think the alleged Master Chief Collection will be announced (if it's real) and attached to that announcement will be the fact that purchasing this game gets you into the Halo 5: Guardians Beta.
  • In keeping with talking about Betas (by the way, expect to continue seeing more of them) I believe we'll finally hear WHEN the previously announced Fable Legends Beta will be.  What I think would be cool here is if it's pushed to the front of the XBO dashboard and open to anyone with Xbox Live.
  • There are several other things I'd like to see at Microsoft's Press Conference, so here are a list of ideas I've had.
    • Bioshock (teaser)
    • Sunset Overdrive (Multiplayer Onstage Demo) -- [listening to GT Time (gametrailers.com podcast) they JUST confirmed that this will be on E3 ALL ACCESS]
    • NEW IP


  • Mass Effect makes a return in the form of a teaser.  If I had to guess, a new Mass Effect game COULD wind up coming out next year, but to everyone's disappointment, it would be cross-gen.
  • SKATE RETURNS!  I don't know why, but every time I think of this, I get REALLY excited at the thought of what a new Skate game could become.
  • EA and Disney announced last year that there are three Star Wars games in development, then we saw a teaser for Star Wars Battlefront at last E3.  So this year, I expect a full blown trailer.  Mostly CG, probably not a lot in the form of "gameplay" by anyone's definition.
  • Dragon Age Inquisition on stage gameplay demo.  It's releasing this year, we need to see more of this game ASAP.
  • Mirror's Edge gameplay trailer.  So I am using the "Gameplay Trailer" definition of gameplay.  I doubt we'll see it played, but it will be in-game assets...maybe.
  • Finally, here's my stretchy ideas...
    • The Sims 4 (console announcement, maybe Xbox exclusive?)
    • Unnannounced Star Wars Game tease


  • Assassin's Creed "Comet" (360/Ps3) Gameplay Demo.  I have this crazy theory that, to set this game apart, it would be cool to see if Ubisoft goes in the direction of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and make it super weird.  It will obviously be in the ACIV game engine, so expect more boats, and water, but how cool would it be if it was over-the-top like Blood Dragon!?
  • Splinter Cell tech demo.  I remember a time when Splinter Cell blew MINDS with it's graphics engine.  Setting the bar with new lighting, shadows, physics, the whole nine yards.  I'd like to see Ubisoft continue to push these new consoles with the Tom Clancy brand adopting this Snowdrop engine developed by Massive for The Division.  If that engine can produce such a high quality looking environment for an MMO, then imagine what it could to for a third-person stealth action title like Sam Fisher's?!
  • Assassin's Creed Unity Trailer.  This is a bit of a given, but I'm hoping this trailer is as exciting as the ones for ACIII, those had me so hype for that game.  Also remember the Assassin's Creed II trailer?  I'm hoping for some big sexy CG cinematic that leads into mind blowing new gameplay.
  • Far Cry 4 trailer.  The trailer that debuted Far Cry 3 is still memorable, with Vaas freaking everyone out by repeating himself with those scary eyes staring at you, the almost-drowning sequence, and then highjacking a helicopter, only to be shot down.  It was a splash.  I hope this year we get just as much of a taste for this year's entry!
  • The Crew gameplay.  I feel like this game isn't getting enough of the right amount of marketing.  I think the concept behind it is fantastic and I'm hoping this year Ubisoft nails the idea in a cohesive presentation that doesn't leave us with so many questions and head-scratching.
  • My long-shot prediction here is the return of Rainbow Six.  Patriots is dead and gone, so let's see Rainbow Six try again this year.


  • Syphon Filter will be revealed in the form of a teaser.  EVERYONE is hoping Sony will bring back Gabe Logan.  To give an idea of how long it's been since Syphon Filter was last around, it took me a few seconds to determine that THIS is the only image that won't look like garbage on the slideshow.  It's definitely been long enough for the franchise to be "rebooted" as is the popular thing to do these days.
  • GTA V gameplay demo.  We'll see GTA running live on a PS4.
  • For better or for worse, we'll be seeing God of War at E3, I have a feeling this could go either way: Teaser or Live demo.
  • Uncharted Story Trailer.  I think Uncharted will be there, but only in a trailer, maybe containing all in-game assets, but not live gameplay.
  • Gran Turismo will be teased for the PS4.  I know Driveclub is coming, but much like how Forza Horizon and Forza Motosport are two different takes on driving games, I think these two titles scratch different itches.  Also, I think a Gran Turismo game for the PS4 is something that will really generate some great "Wow!" moments for PS4 highlight reels over the next couple years.
  • A few more hopes for Sony include:
    • Hitman teaser.
    • Tomb Raider teaser.
    • Red Dead teaser.
    • Project Beast gameplay.


I have only ONE thing I'd like to see from Nintendo that I think would be surprisingly progressive, yet still within their established wheelhouse.  They announced this Nintendo Figurine Program (NFP), so my idea is how they could best use something like this.  Essentially the gist of NFP is that you buy figurines that use Near Field Communication (NFC) much like Activision's Skylanders games and Disney's Infinity game.  In my mind, I would love to see a Wii U game that works a lot like the Toy Box Mode of Infinity in that you can create levels and mix-n-match characters and assets to create your own little game.  Imagine recreating the outside of the castle in Super Mario 64 and have all kinds of different enemies and use Link from Skyward Sword to run around in there!?  Players could create, share, and rate levels and creations.  Recreating classic Metroid levels and use Mario to speedrun through them!  The possibilities are, indeed, endless.  This is the only thing I'd really be interested in seeing from the Big N.


So there it is folks.  My predictions.  What do you think?  Let me know, share this page, and please feel free to contact me on Twitter: @drew_freeman85

Thank you for your time,