My Top Five Most Anticipated Games of 2014

I'm set for 2014...

As far as 2014 is concerned... I'm good.  I know which five games I'm going to drop money on for the remainder of the year.  That's not to say there aren't more I'd like to play, but as far as my purchases go, I have my Top 5 as seen in the playlist featured above.

ASSASSIN'S CREED UNITY is on my radar in a big way. I've enjoyed every AC game since the original released way back in 2007. I've been on board with almost every decision made by the AC dev teams, but I will admit to some fatigue around the release of Revelations. I wasn't one of those people that was inexplicably disgusted with ACIII, but I saw the flaws in the characters and mission structure starting to grow as if they were seems of a shopping bag beginning to burst from being filled with too many toys. After playing Far Cry 3, I could never go back to ACIII. That told me something about the Assassin's Creed teams and Ubisoft in general.  They iterate constantly because of how the company is uniquely spread across the globe. Any Ubisoft franchise usually has multiple iterations being developed at any given hour of any day. As crazy as that seems, it always tends to mean each entry in their franchises inform subsequent titles. I truly enjoyed Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag as one of the first games I played on my Xbox One. That game, as ambitious as it was, definitely suffered from straddling console generations. I look forward to seeing what a "next gen only" Assassin's Creed feels like. I also anticipate some mayhem and fun with multiple assassin's clambering across rooftops all over Paris this fall.

As I mentioned above, I played some Far Cry 3 on my 360 last generation.  That might be a bit of an understatement... I played the living shit out of some FC3.  One of my favorite games of the generation, FC3 has some of the most fun open-world exploration elements in any first person game I've ever played. Unique moments like the first time you get to use the flame thrower, taking the pills in the cave with your friends, sky diving, hang gliding, all in hyper-immersive first person. Some of my favorite memories of the last five years of gaming come from this title and I am completely sold on the fact that Ubisoft has figured out the formula for the Far Cry series to make it a AAA blockbuster for the next decade. Sign me up for some snow-capped mountain shenanigans! Oh and hell yes I'll take a co op mode! Not to mention the built-in Twitch streaming capability of my Xbox One to capture all of the madness live as it happens each night! Hell yes.

I won't even rave on this one... it's Grand Theft Auto.  I put in over 100 hours of gameplay in GTA V for the 360 yeah.  I'm bout that life.

Destiny is the culmination of everything Bungie has ever wanted to do in a video game. Building a rich, deep, lore-filled universe, tons of wonderful environments to play around in, designing incredible combat, and plopping the player right in the center of it all. This game already has its hooks so deep into so many people that to call it a new generation's World of Warcraft (read as: World of Warcrack) would not be an exaggeration. The near-perfect balance of the constant drip of their patented "30 seconds of fun" combat that they've honed into a fine art over the decade of development on the Halo franchise. The ever present feeling of wanting for that next piece of gear that is the sole driving factor for millions of gamers that play games like Borderlands, Diablo, Torchlight, or Path of Exile. That "living world" feel of being able to complete tasks, go back to the social hub, grab more gear, link up with friends, hop into the crucible, go run a quick strike, and then meander through Old Russia in Exploration mode, the "one more thing" tug of always having things to do in Destiny is going to give this game a very very long tale. I have been tracking this game for over a year now and with every second of time I spent in the beta my anticipation for it doubled. Destiny is going to have no rival, except for Halo, when it comes to my time in the coming years.

If you know one thing about me, it's that I love Halo. This collection is beyond my wildest dreams of what I would have expected out of 343 this year. I'm super impressed and just giddy at the thought of playing four of my all time favorite games on the One this fall in 1080p 60fps, with dedicated servers, with all of my new found friends and recently founded communities! Expect hours upon hours of Halo streams, events, tournaments, competitions, community nights, and every week: Podcast Evolved!