Gaming On Thrones (New Podcast)

R8DMGN Welcomes a NEW Podcast!

We want to say welcome to Gaming On Thrones, a new podcast to the network!

Be sure to catch up on their shows on their YouTube channel and keep an eye out for future episodes right here!

Learn a bit about the show in the interview of host Philip right below!

Q: What made you guys decide to start a podcast?

A: Well that's an easy one. We all share a passion for gaming, and we would continually have long conversations about things that we liked or that bothered us, so one day I said lets just do a podcast together and see what happens and here we are about to record episode 10 tomorrow. We are having a great time doing them!

Q: What made you pick the name "Gaming On Thrones"?

A: That's a more difficult one. I guess I was just thinking of something to call the show and We all enjoy Game Of Thrones, so it just popped in my head...In short we are all kings when we are gaming.

Q: Why did you decide to join R8DMGN?

A: We are just excited to be a part of a great community of people who share this passion!

Q: What are some of your favorite podcasts?

A: Well I listen to Podcast Unlocked every week, and now Podcast Evolved. Other than that not many I just started really taking this thing serious so I have listened to many on youtube, but none I could name just random podcasts to get a feel for them. I see that a lot of people are doing them, and that's great Im sure I'll get into more soon but having a 2 year old demands a lot of my time when Im not gaming lol! I will be listening to all of the ones from R8DMGN!