R8DMGN Monthly Update - January 2015

Happy New Year!!!

Starting with this month, we are giving you guys a bit of insight into what the Network is up to, what we're thinking, where we're headed, and what challenges we may be facing. Basically, as the title of the entry states, it's our monthly update! We hope you like it and look forward to your feedback!


Each month the Staff here at R8DM Gaming have a Skype meeting. During these meetings we talk about everything from ideas/plans for the network as a whole, to updates on each show, and addressing anything else we can for the short time we get to have everyone "in the same room" each month. We're not a company (yet), we're not in the same place, we aren't even all on the same continent. Some of us have very busy schedules and a lot of us have families and obligations that make it difficult to coordinate. This meeting is our way to continue a feeling of teamwork and reminds us all that we're in this together.

This series of blog posts will be the cliff notes of each meeting. We'd like to start a dialogue with you, the community, the listeners, the followers, the subscribers, and the reason we get to do what we love. I hope that these entries help you see things from our perspective and we can get used to being transparent with you all as we move on to more ambitious and deliberate projects. Things like Patreon, Kickstarter, and really any type of content creation these days tend to include a giant pane glass window for the content creators to share their process with their community. It's not necessarily required, but it's something that helps when you work at the level we're working at. Like I mentioned before, we're not professionals (yet) and we are learning as we go. We hope that this insight helps you feel involved in the process and excites you for what lies ahead. If you choose to support us, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. If you choose to continue to enjoy our products in any respect, thank you. If you have feedback to share, there are countless ways to get in touch with us. Please feel free to reach out. This is us opening our door.

Welcome to Rated M.


  • Kinda Funny / Gameovergreggy News
    • We briefly discussed the way Greg and his brand built up a base via IGN, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and used that fan base to fund their own project and walk away from their jobs at IGN. We looked at the difference between the level of products they are producing compared to the level of support they receive compared to the level we operate on and ask how much support would we need to make Rated M a profitable venture. Basically, they have a ton of people to ask to support them, but they do a lot more than we do, so maybe we have a proportionate level of support available to assist with the production of Rated M content.
    • We also took a look at how quickly Rated M/Evolved/SmartWatch/etc has grown and become relatively successful considering we don't have the experience, resources, and backing that someone like Greg Miller and others do.
  • Sponsorship/Patreon
    • We discussed sponsorship, how to make podcasts profitable. We have a lot of discussion and mulling to do on this topic. We plan to poll/gauge the community continually over the year on what they would like to have available as options to utilize to support the Network.
      • Sponsorship/Surveys
      • Patreon
      • Tip Jar
      • Kickstarter
      • Store
  • What is the "Foundation" of Rated M?
    • We discussed what content makes up the basic programming of Rated M Gaming Network.
      • We also briefly discussed the concept of "Premium" content. Looking at stuff like what Comedy Button and Kinda Funny does. Ideas like Premium episodes, exclusive content, and what we would like to consider for such ideas.
  • Twitch Schedule
    • As some shows move off of Twitch, and some debut, what do we want to do in that space? 
      • Twitch stream schedule
        • Live recordings
        • Game Nights
        • Charity Streams
  • The Fundamentals
    • We discussed the pace at which we produce content and what our focus is when it comes to this topic.
      • We don't want this to start to feel like a chore or a job or overwhelming. We'd like to keep the process simple and fluid. Natural. Rated M is about being Gamers first and sharing our unique opinions, personalities, and insight with the community to which we all belong. Halo fans, Nintendo fans, Sports Game fans, Xbox fans, Division fans, and everything in between. We aren't here to sell anything or do this for a paycheck. No clock-in/clock-out grind. It's about keeping the fundamentals solid and working week to week. We don't want to use Rated M as a springboard into working for some big company, we want to build it into the next Rooster Teeth, another big positive community based around gamers who have a love and passion for the medium.
      • While we don't have a huge reach or legions of followers, we have built a quality product and a solid positive community. Two things that make us better than a lot of places and products out there that attempt to provide the same entertainment and forums.

Then we actually started the meeting... lol

"We're a great band, we just don't have an album yet..." - Drew Freeman, Sexpert

  • We talk about the focus for the network for 2015 - Get everything working smoothly and get things into a good rhythm. Nail down the schedule, quality levels, process, format, etc. 
  • Scheduling - Some live shows are going pre-recorded and some pre-recorded shows are going live. We need to nail down when exactly each show will be on iTunes each week.
    • Rated M For Podcast - moving to pre-recorded
    • Podcast Evolved - moving to pre-recorded
    • Smart Watch - staying live
    • Gaming On Thrones - now live
  • Rated M Gaming Network | R8DMGN | Rated M Gaming | R8DM Gaming Logo/Artwork
    • Holy SHIT we need art...
      • This is keeping us from so many things right now... we need this ASAP!!!
  • Pregame | Box Score! - Pregame is the upcoming Video Game Sports Podcast from Colin and Phil.
    • Discussed the seasonal nature of the show.
    • Decided on the name of the Community for the show: Box Score, join HERE!
    • Ideas for things beyond the show: Fantasy Sports Teams, game nights, tournaments, etc.
  • Show updates
    • Smart Watch - The only podcast dedicated to Tom Clancy's The Division
      • Brandon has joined Caleb
      • Thoughts on how 2015 is going to go with the game
    • Gaming On Thrones
      • Want to focus on more Nintendo (maybe have Alex/Rory as guests)
    • Podcast Evolved
    • Rated M For Podcast
      • Keep on being awesome
        • More guests
  • Blog Content
    • We are hoping to expand upon the Blog page of Rated M Gaming Network... 
      • This means the staff of R8DMGN will hopefully be producing written content unique to our site for the community to enjoy.
      • This ALSO means we want content from YOU GUYS! If you're interested in contributing, please comment on this story!

So that... my friends is our update for this month. We'll be posting one of these every month after our staff meetings. We'd love to hear your thoughts on what's going on here at the Network. PLEASE feel free to comment on this post or email us at: RatedMGaming@gmail.com