R8DM Blogs: One Year Later with Rated M For Podcast

Holy Shit We Did It!

So first of all, let me start with a quick story about how all this got started. I've been wanting to do something like this for years. I think anyone who listens to podcasts or spends a lot of time in communities like R8DM has a similar story to tell that lead them to a place like this. Stop me if this sounds familiar. I've always had a love for games, but as I grew older that love blossomed into an overwhelming passion for the medium and the culture, the stories that can be told, the experiences that are unlike anything else in entertainment. I wanted to share that passion with friends and family. They did not share my enthusiasm. In fact, they kind of found it annoying. So where do I go? Where do I turn to discuss the latest news and reviews of my favorite games? Who do I talk to about that article I read on 1up.com or in Game Informer magazine? For me, it was Gamestop. I didn't like the idea of spending time in forums that I was new to, it was intimidating. Standing around for hours in Gamestop chatting with the dudes at the register in between waves of customers was as good as it got. Then I discovered podcasts. Everything changed.

Fast forward a few years to 2012 when I was ending my eight year stint in the US Army. I picked up on the Rooster Teeth Podcast quickly, it was awesome to hear the voices of my favorite bumbling idiot Spartans from Red Vs Blue talk about video games and make me laugh my ass off every week. That opened the door for me, I became a podcast FIEND! IGN's podcasts were next, Beyond!, Scoop!, and Unlocked! were new favorites. Then I ventured off the beaten path and discovered Rebel FM and Weekend Confirmed. Deeper I dug as time went by, until I discovered Married To The Games and Gaurdian Radio. These were far less established and fresh shows that showed me how closely a host of a podcast can connect with a small following. It was exciting to meet friends and discuss each week's new episode in the forums over at theguardiansofdestiny.com during the build up to Destiny! This really inspired me to try to make my voice heard as well, to have a place to vent my thoughts and opinions to a larger community of equally passionate and informed gamers. I turned to the community I had grown to feel the most aware of: Podcast Unlocked Facebook Group.

Rory, Sean, and Rob had never met me. We'd never spoken. We'd never seen each other in person. I simply messaged them on Facebook and asked if they wanted to do a quick Hangout on Google and maybe record it to see if we had some chemistry. THAT was Episode 0. When you watch the first episode of Rated M on YouTube, you're watching some of the first conversations the crew had ever had. That still makes me smile to think about, how ridiculous is that? Many of the podcasts we listen to, the ones I look up to the most, are hosted by LONG TIME friends and coworkers. That, to me, is the power of the passion we have for gaming. We just speak the same language, we understand each other. The show has gone through many ups and downs, we've learned so much over the past year. It makes my head spin when I think of how little I even knew about podcasting when we started all of this. 

Now, a year later, we have built a community that has stuck by us and supported our expansion and experimentation with new projects, some of which are my favorite things ever. From Caleb and Smart Watch, to Evolved with the amazing community interaction we have there, meeting Phil and welcoming in Gaming on Thrones, all the way to building entirely NEW shows like Loot and Lore with Alex and The Pregame with Colin! Rated M has become a home for me and I hope it feels that way for all of you. I really can't say how much it's meant to me to be able to build something and share it with the world, only to have you all share it to even more people than I'd ever imagine finding and enjoying our content!

If I could go back a year and tell myself "Hey dude, a year from now you'll have people enjoying your show around the world, Tanzania, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Wales, Canada, Indiana, and everywhere in between!" I'd be dumbfounded. To think that this year has afforded me the opportunity to chat with inspirations like Khail Anonymous, Matt Dannevick, and the ever British Marcus Beer... that's just awesome! 

So here's to Year One. And here's to what's next! 
From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of everyone at Rated M,
Thank You