RIP Rated M For Podcast (2014-2015)


First of all, on behalf of everyone who's ever been involved with Rated M For Podcast, I'd like to say thank you for your time, your support, you clothes, and your motorcycle. I'd also like to encourage anyone reading this to check out the R8DM Blog: One Year Later post for more thoughts on the past year with Rated M. 

This is the end. However it's not the end of the network, our podcasts, or our work as R8DMGN. Rory and I have learned so much this past year and due to recent events, we've been struggling to find the right momentum or motivation to continue with what we started with Rated M. So it was with that feeling in our hearts that we have decided to retire the "Rated M For Podcast" name, logo, format, and essentially close out that show. 

We are not going away. We will return. There will be lots more news on that this Summer. Please stay tuned and please join us on this next chapter!

Meanwhile, Rory is still killin it over at RedEyeGamesLive and I've got a great bunch of people helping me spread the good word of Halo over at Podcast Evolved! Remember if you want to keep up with all things R8DM, be sure to join our Facebook Group right here!

Thanks again to all of our new fans and friends we've accumulated along the way, see you soon!