What's Next?

In the past year things have slowed down for The Network. But video games are better than ever and we still have a passion for them! As you may have noticed, the crew at Podcast Evolved has really stepped up their game! Oran and the gang have branched out and built their own very awesome website.  

 Click the  here  to check out Evolved's site! 

Click the here to check out Evolved's site! 

As Evolved moves on to bigger and better things and Rated M For Podcast re-launches this month, we've come to reassess what it means to be a "Network".  

When Rated M formed there was a lot of grand concepts and ideas in motion, but as time is gone by Rated M has evolved and shifted into less and less of a network. 

So with the relaunch of Rated M For Podcast, we will be dropping the "Network" and just continue on as Rated M Gaming to reflect more accurately what the goal is.  

Mature, passionate, fun discussion and reflection on video games and the industry surrounding them. 

We're amped for this, our fourth year, to continue sharing and exploring all that games have to offer! 

Keep an eye on this website as it changes in the coming weeks! 

Thank you for your time, 

Drew Freeman, Founder