Drew Freeman - Founder/President

If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.

Drew began Rated M Gaming shortly after learning the ins and outs of podcasting by cutting his teeth on Rated M For Podcast and Podcast Evolved in 2014. After a decade of serving his country in the US Army working as an Intelligence Analyst, he moved to Texas to be near family and take the next step with Rated M by starting the Rated M Gaming Network in 2015. As a host, writer, editor, producer, and the president of Rated M Gaming, Drew works to coordinate and collaborate with all of the other members of Rated M every day to create content and interact with the community. A die hard Halo fan, you can usually find him involved in discussion on Halo lore and more in the Podcast Evolved Facebook Group. Follow Drew on Twitter today!

Michael Tompkins - Lead Artist/Host

This is Mike's quote

Mike has been a life long gamer, from trying to land a jet on carriers in Top Gun for NES, to Starcraft strategies. He spent 4 years all over the world in the US Marines in Combat Logistics. Now he is Studying 3D everything at the Art Institute in Va Beach.
He has been in the background of Rated M providing artwork and Podcast covers to all. He is currently a co-host of Rated M For Podcast. He plays a wide array of games, follow him on Twitter.