Episode 11 The Halo Channel

Welcome to Podcast Evolved Spartans! Our weekly Halo podcast that we broadcast live on Twitch every Friday night!

This week we have lots of interesting news from Gamescom 2014! Halo Historian, David educates us on what happened this week in Halo. Drew gives us a quick tour of classic Halo 2 map Sanctuary. While the rest of the show will be discussion on the topic of the week: The Halo Channel.

Be sure to tune in live to possibly for a chance to win as our Podcast Evolved Summer of Swag continues! Also don't forget you can join us on Xbox Live after every show! This week is Halo Reach! 

Evolved Crew Gamertags
Drew - Drewcifer R8DM 
David - CanineCerberus 
Krysta - KonanXD 
Nate - RiddickHunting

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