Episode 100 - Is that a Triple Kill? . . .No wait its a Quiztacular!!!

Welcome back to not just another issue of Halo Podcast Evolved . . . .Its Issue 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's an extra full house on this weeks show as we have a bumper, jam packed episode for you all. This was a blast to make and be apart of. We are all so impressed with you all - our listeners and subscribers and facebookers. Thank you all so much for staying with us all this way. 

This issue comes with a look back at our standout moments on the podcast, and interview with Miles Dill who has done some amazing art work for us to help in our rebranding. Chris Aiken - Crazy Chris - put together an incredible Halo Quiz for us. Following that is an interview with some of our community members - Real Mistry and Gabe Encalada annnnnnnd finally Oran takes on a wrap up with a Spartan Address and a lovely thank to some of our most active members in the group. 

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  • David - CanineCerberus

  • Krysta - KonanXD

  • Aaron - Perpetualbigac

  • Drew - Drewcifer R8DM

  • Oran - Tetrahedrite

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