14 | Special Collector's Pre Order Exclusive Legendary Epic Platinum Hardened Elite Plus Edition


Welcome to a SUPER Special Limited Exclusive Epic Legendary Mythic Exotic Rare UBER Hyper Ultra Complete Awesome Edition of the Rated M For Podcast Podcast Episode Number Fourteen!

This week Drew and Mike bro it out and talk way too long about way too many things to type here. Including Rocket League, Suicide Squad, Destiny, Spotify, and No Man's Sky. Pretty much the best thing ever. 

Show Notes



Rocket League Rumble

Bioshock Collection: Revisit Rapture

Mafia III The World of New Bordeaux: City Districts

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Game of The Year Edition Announcement

Nosulus Rift


No Man’s Sky - B O R I N G


People have seen/played Titanfall 2 Single Player stuff...

Spotify adds Gaming Section

Battlefield 1 Beta Coming Soon


Nordic rebrands as THQ Nordic

Topic Of The Week: Special Editions

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